About Us

Toy Corner is located in the

Dernancourt Shopping Centre (between Neds and Coles)

832 Lower North East Road Dernancourt Shopping Centre. 

Dernancourt S.A. 5075

Ph: 08 8337 4948

Email: toycorner@adam.com.au

We are a family owned business and been trading for more than 14 Yrs now, We Originally traded @ Ridgehaven and moved to  Dernancourt Shopping Centre a few years ago.

We specialize in Lego Products only, anything from sets to individual parts. We also sell individual minifigures too  (sold as pictured) 

We also have made our own value packs which are called "TCPP packs" which can range from parts to minifigs to our own creations. 

We get our boxed stock direct from Lego Australia which we sell at the "RRP" (in most cases same prices as Lego online) and we also source exclusive products or discontinued lines which are no longer available directly from Lego Australia from overseas too.

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